DogSync - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs depend on their pack for support, and your pack aims to support your dog to its full capacity.

What is a “Task”?

A task is an action your dog performs or that you perform for your dog. This includes walking, feeding, peeing and so on.

What is a "Request"?

A Request lets you send a request for a task to be done to your whole pack. Everyone in your pack then receives a message asking if they can complete the task(s). Your Pack’s responses to the Ask are then sent back to you so you know who accepted the task and when it is completed.

What is a “Pack”?

A pack is everyone who participates in taking care of your dog. In most cases, it consists of but is not limited to family or roommates. Everyone in a pack will receive notifications and updates on the dogs’ care.

Can I add more than one dog to a Pack?

Yes, you can add several dogs to one pack and you can even choose to log tasks for all of them at the same time.

Can I be in more than one Pack?

Yes, you can be a part of multiple packs at once, but you can only have one pack active at a time. You can create, join, and switch your active packs by going to the profile tab and tapping the pack button at the top left of the screen.

Can I log more than one Task at a time?

Of course! When you are selecting your completed tasks just tap and highlight all the ones you want to select and you’re all set.

Can I backdate a Task?

Yes, tasks can be backdated. When you’re logging a task just tap on the time and you will be able to change it to the time and date you need.

Is DogSync good if you are only one person looking after a dog?

DogSync’s core features “Task & Ask” are more focused on being helpful to groups. However, the reminder feature can prove helpful by reminding you to walk or feed the dog – intelligently based on when it was last walked or fed which is helpful to any pack, no matter the size. If you have requests or suggestions for features to benefit individual dog owners, we would love to hear them.

Can I add my own Tasks?

Currently there is no way to add custom tasks in DogSync, however this feature will be considered in a future release.

Is there a CatSync ?

Not yet, but if you would like to have it, be sure to let us know!

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